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National Grid to be strict on Internet access for wind power wind power industry will reshuffle    authorxahd   hits0     date2010-06-08
Recently held in Jilin Wind Power Work Forum National Grid came an important signal: the full implementation of the national grid to be strict on wind power online access. The National Grid has proposed building the wind farm, wind power network, all aspects of business operation and management standards, are pushing them into the national standard. Energy officials also expressed the access threshold set wind power, wind energy forecasting management, and reasonable "abandoning the wind" public approval.
The main wind power by the local Development and Reform Commission officials, provinces, major wind energy business group leader and the major wind power equipment factory executives participating in the meeting, the national power grid to deliver the industry's intention to strengthen the management of urgent Wind Power mentality. The National Grid standard to the national standards, no doubt will bring the domestic wind power equipment industry reshuffle effect, a number of technical capacity is not enough vendors will be eliminated.
National Grid Response to "grid-hard" interrogation of
Since last year, with the large-scale wind power installed capacity launched, "wind power is difficult," "a large number of wind turbine idling" and call for enacting. National Grid has so hamstrung by the industry, is alleged to lazy to fulfill the law of "full protection of the acquisition," obligation, hindered the development of wind power industry.
State Grid Corporation of India deputy general manager of Shu Biao at the national forum on wind power grid for the first time a comprehensive response to these industry Interrogation: First, there is no planning, consumptive orientation is not clear, wind power development and construction of power grids between the lack of coordination, can not do organic interface; second wind power project with the approval of the project out of line, state and local approval, respectively, the first batch of wind power project, power project after the grant; Third, the construction period does not match.
Shu Yinbiao said the construction of wind power development and power between the lack of coordination, can not do organic interface is a big problem. There are many places for approval of 49,900 kilowatts of wind farm construction, the national grid is not clear, can not be supporting construction. On the contrary, power grid construction project approval must go to Beijing, 220 kV, to be approved by the State Grid Corporation of the views of the province approved 330 kV and above are required to the National Energy Board for approval. Moreover, the network complexity of the approval process, supporting documents often require six or seven, construction stage, the duration matching great difficulties, "Taki through a village every rural counties must get the support of provincial documents."
"Jiuquan wind power base, for example, a size of 5.16 million kilowatts, Development and Reform Commission in April 2009 approved a 3.8 million kilowatts, but the 750 kV power transmission and distribution projects need to create 8.4 million kilovolt substation and a number of lines total investment of 8.5 billion, is to have this year in March before formal approval. "he said. "On the other hand, wind power project construction period is short, usually only the first unit construction period of 6 months, all completed in one year around, however, long cycle power grid construction, transmission lines need to cross a lot of cities and counties, 750 kV transmission projects need a reasonable period 2 years. "
"Everyone says that wind power is difficult, in fact, one is not difficult in the building, nothing more than engage in engineering, the national power grid is about 300 billion a year investment in building power grid, which is just a small part; two is not difficult in the technology, as technology development, we are now the grid for the integration of wind power has a lot of breakthroughs in technology; 3 is not difficult to run, even though wind power to run hard, but it would not run. "Shu Yinbiao said," and the net hard, hard in the management ! "
Shu Yinbiao mean, National Grid undertakes the responsibility of the full protection of the acquisition, but not control are the means and tools for control. The face of the presence of assembled, including local government officials, major power generation groups and wind power equipment manufacturers, including a large number of wind power sector, Shu Yinbiao said, "I hope we can learn to understand, to support each other, to work together . "
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