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Oil-immersed high voltage current-limiting fuse
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40.5kV transformer with a full range of protection  
This product is suitable for indoor AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 40.5kV power system, as electricity and other power equipment overload and short circuit protection devices, installed in the main change in the American box can also be used in conjunction with other electrical appliances.
2.Basic parameters
2.1The basic parameters of fuses are shown in table 1
Rated voltage (kV) Rated Current of Fuse (A) Rated Current of Fuse-element(A) Maximum breaking current(kA)
40.5 50 20、25、31.5、40、50 31.5
2.2 Insulation level
Table 2 fuse insulation level
Rated voltage (kV) Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage peak (positive and negative)kV Rated 1 minute power frequency withstand voltage (RMS)kV
40.5 Ground and white Fracture Ground and white Fracture
190 220 95 110
Fracture: After removing the fuse Fuse base contacts between the conductive part of the separation distance produced.
2.3Forearc Time - Current Characteristics
When the ambient air temperature of 20 ℃, the fuse of the arc before the time - current characteristic curve of the curve found in Figure 1, the allowable tolerance ± 10 ℅.
3.Fuse Selection
Transformer primary protection fuse is generally used in Table 3
Transformer capacity(kA) Transformer primary voltage(kV) Rated Current of Fuse-element(A)
630 40.5 20
800 25
1000 25
1250 31.5
1600 40
2000 50
4.Dimensions and installation dimensions
Fuse structure and dimensions shown in Figure 2; Fuse base dimensions shown in Figure 2
5.1 The transformer box should be placed to open a fuse of ø110 the hole, four holes around the welding of the four bolts M10 × 45mm, detailed reference to the size and shape of fuse installed base size, shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3 shown.
5.2 The fuse should be installed horizontally. Transformer fuse inserted into the vacant office cabinets should be reliable bracket. Brackets should be adjustable insulation lease office block, to adjust the support pieces in the free state to be fixed (user-adjustable brackets refer to Figure 3, Figure 4 and the box structure and size of their own design and processing, refer to Figure 4). When the fuse of the use of the environment for the transformer insulating oil should be part of the fuse of the insulating sleeve deep tank, the fuse should be reliable to support the support pieces, shown in Figure 4, the four fuses hole diameter ø13 by M10 bolts fastening it to the surface in the tank. Tank through the seal to guarantee sealing.
Support pieces (base) installation method
(1). Remove the red caps, handle, and then screw the base cap (to prevent damage Threading support). Base small end penetration hole corresponding box (insulated bracket should be installed first, to support the base) on the base four-hole with the bolt corresponds to the angle tighten the lock nut on the base 4.
(2). Mobile, adjustable incline and the base insulating lease block surface contact, tighten the bolts fixed lease block.
(3). To tighten the insulated cable ties, and insulation to the base bracket to prevent the base by mechanical damage.
Figure 4 support the installation of the sample pieces
5.3 Fuse installed, they should wear clean cotton gloves, with a clean cotton cloth to wipe clean the base wall and the handle.
5.4 Fuse's contact with one end of the handle with a tightening screw, the other end with the M28 nut tightened.
5.5 Unscrew the base of the red cover, the base mat face O-ring groove.
5.6 will be installed fuse parts, handle contacts, assemblies along the slow axis of the base into the base, so that the handle end and the O-ring contacts. Do not tilt pull.
5.7 spin on the red cap and tighten.
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